What is Collaboration?

Collaboration in the workplace can be defined as employees communicating and working together, building on each others’ ideas to create something new or do something differently.

A collaborative organisation unlocks the potential, capacity and knowledge of every employee, thereby generating value, innovation and improving productivity in its workplace.

Keys to Successful Collaboration

Research Suggests That…

When Employees are able to Collaborate:

  • 73% complete work to a better standard
  • 60% are innovative
  • 86% are more satisfied

Businesses with a Collaborative Strategy are:

  • Twice as likely to outgrow their competitors
  • More likely to improve their profit

Effective Drivers of Collaboration:

  • Technology tools 
  • Having the right corporate strategies in place 

Solutions Enabling Collaboration 

Mobile Workforce Management Solution 

Enable mobile and office teams to collaborate seamlessly. Our mobile workforce solution ensures that any information collected in the field is automatically sent back to the office, removing the need for data entry.

The solution is fully customisable to your requirements and has been successfully implemented in a wide range of sectors.

Supplier Portal 

Increase collaboration not only inside your business but also with your trusted suppliers.

A supplier portal allows for effective communication between your employees and suppliers. A supplier portal offers a real-time view of the orders that need to be fulfilled, as well as providing self-service information and the ability for suppliers to upload their own documentation.

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