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Patterson Oil is a family run business, established for over 25 years. As one of the leading oil companies within Northern Ireland, they operate from 4 centres to deliver province wide.

Prior to the introduction of a Mobile Solution

Patterson Oil relied on a paper based planning and delivery system. This meant that drivers were reliant on one single depot, where they would collect their paper delivery forms for the day ahead. Paper forms could get lost or damaged in the field which was a problem for administration and compliance. The paper based management system offered poor visibility of the routes drivers were taking, leading to inefficient delivery schedules. The time spent on admin was increasing considerably which was hindering company growth.

The Solution

Patterson Oil implemented a mobile and web solution. Each driver is equipped with a smart phone where they download the mobile app. On the app, they receive all their orders for the day ahead. The app has a complete workflow for the driver, with NFC clocking in, vehicle and safety checks, delivery details, delivery routes and the ability to print delivery dockets in the cab via a Bluetooth enabled printer.

Information is fed back to the office via the web portal in real time. Any issues recorded, for example with safety checks, are flagged immediately with head office. By accessing the online web portal, Patterson Oil is able to gain complete visibility of the deliveries throughout the day. A mapping function plots their orders on a map, so that route optimisation can be achieved at the click of a button. The solution also enables daily reports to be generated. This gives management a much better view of how each driver and depot are performing.

Our solution is also capable of fully integrating with any existing software. Patterson Oil continues to use their current software in conjunction with our solution – saving time in terms of additional training on an unfamiliar software package.




Paperless Job Dispatch

Drivers no longer need to call into one central depot to collect delivery dockets. Instead, deliveries and routes are sent directly to their smartphones.

Route Optimisation

The custom built Run Builder function allows Patterson Oil to easily plan the most efficient routes for each of their drivers by taking into consideration the volume required, the product type and the location of each delivery and depot. Switching from doing this as a manual process has reduced the time spent on route planning by 50%. It has also had a significant impact on fuel efficiency for the fleet, not only reducing delivery costs but helping to reduce Patterson Oil’s carbon footprint.

Strengthened Communication

Through the web portal, Patterson oil office staff have real-time visibility of drivers and the delivery that they are completing. This information means that they can react quickly to resolve any delivery issues and update drivers of any changes almost instantly.

“Before the mobile solution, I had to rely on updates from the office team if a customer changed their order, or paid in advance. When it was really busy it was easy for them to forget or difficult for me to get through to them and to check if anything had changed. Now all those updates are automatic! They simply come through to my phone and I can easily move from one delivery to the next with no hassle. If anything changes, in the office, it automatically changes on my phone! It’s brilliant!” 

Colin, Delivery Driver – Patterson Oil

Improved Customer Service

Customer service has always been a priority for Patterson Oil. The solution’s real-time capabilities have offered Patterson Oil increased visibility not only of their drivers and deliveries but of the remaining litres on board. One benefit of this has been the ease with which Patterson Oil are now able to incorporate same day deliveries into their driver’s schedules. Ensuring a prompt service for their customers. They have also utilised a further custom feature of the software, which automatically texts their customers to let them know that their delivery has been scheduled and when it will arrive.

“Since the introduction of the mobile solution, we have been able to offer a much more professional service to our customers. It enables me to instantly access the status of an order and pass relevant information to any enquiring customer. Using the ‘Job Search’ and the ‘Planner’ options in the system I can easily discover if the order has been assigned, the delivery day, the estimated time of delivery, where the delivery lorry is presently and even the driver’s name. I can also access the full details of any delivery that has been made. Simplicity personified.”

Graham, Sales Executive – Patterson Oil 


Cloud Storage

The solution offers a cloud based storage system. In order to meet regulations, recorded data must be stored for a given timeframe. This can use a significant amount of physical space within an office as well as increasing time spent on administration. Our solution removed this issue. All invoices are captured digitally and held on a server for future reference. Patterson Oil no longer has to spend time collecting and filing invoices for compliance. On the occasion that they need to retrieve an invoice, they can now do so at the click of a mouse.


Patterson Oil has never had an issue with ensuring their business meets the standards required within the oil industry. The mobile and web solution, however, has helped them to streamline this process. One of the many examples of this is the start of day vehicle checks. These are now completed on the mobile app and fed back to head office, so that any issues raised are dealt with promptly. This ensures the safety of their drivers and that scheduled deliveries are not affected.

Another major area in which the solution has helped Patterson Oil maintain compliance is in its ability to generate detailed management reports. For example, not only is every litre that is delivered accounted for, the solution can also monitor the accuracy of the meter on each lorry. This allows for any inaccuracies to be identified and investigated immediately, reducing the risk of theft or stock loss.

The increased visibility and the flexibility that has been delivered by our solution has allowed Patterson Oil to grow their business further. By using the solution, they have seen a 50% reduction in the time spent on route optimisation, huge savings in efficiency and being able to deliver an improved level of customer service facilitating business growth and development. The software has enabled Patterson Oil to operate remotely and therefore allowed them to open two new depots and enter new markets.

“Allsop is a great partner for Patterson Oil and have delivered above our expectations with this solution. The software has been customised to a high standard to suit our needs and has enabled our business to grow further.

To keep our business moving forward we’re constantly investing in smart technology. The most important thing for us is that smart technology helps us to achieve our business goals. Immense improvement has been made in our company by streamlining our everyday procedures. This solution allows us to efficiently manage procedures from ensuring every litre loaded onto a delivery truck is accounted for, to helping us make critical pricing decisions in real-time”

Ross Patterson, General Manager – Patterson Oil 

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