Business Dashboards


Intelligent visualisation of data, unlocking

insights for informed decision making.

Business Dashboards developed using

Microsoft Power BI provide business

intelligence by giving you a single view

of the data that matters most to your



They allow raw meaningless data to be

transformed into visuals which unlock

insights, thus enabling users to make

informed decisions.


With the wealth of data collected

by modern businesses, organising this

data into KPIs and metrics

can improve decision making and

help your company to grow.


Sales Overview Dashboard

The dashboard shows a high-level overview of sales information enabling the company to identify key growth areas and areas that need attention.

Transportation Profit Analysis 

The dashboard shows a detailed analysis of a transport department. Analyse regular routes so that the most profitable routes can be identified.

Sales Rep Performance Dashboard

The dashboard shows both a high-level overview of each sales rep and the ability to dive deep into detailed YoY sales information.

Budgeted vs Actual Sales Analysis

The dashboard shows a detailed analysis of budgeted vs actual sales. With the ability to drill into product, items or countries based on both YTD and MTD data.

Benefits of Using Power BI

Insights, your way

Interrogate and manipulate your data to focus on the information you need. Features such as slicers, drill-down, drill-through and cross- highlighting make this possible.

Connected Systems

Your dashboard can connect to 100+ data sources either on-premise or in the cloud, including Excel, SQL, SharePoint, Azure. Pulling data from multiple sources, creates a data layer which offers insights like never before.

Regular Updates

Stay up to date with the latest technologies and features that are released with regular monthly updates that add on to the existing impressive list of features.


With over two hundred visuals available, customising and viewing reports to meet your specific needs is very easy.

Learning Curve

Power BI is a Microsoft product and should feel familiar to regular excel users. With limited training, users can quickly master the features available.

Natural Language Q&A

Ask your data direct questions and get answers in the form of interactive visualisations. “What were last year’s sales by region?”  “Show in a table total sales, total profits per customer”. Questions can be high level or zeroed in on the information you require.

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