Understand Your Frustrated Customers with Digital Transformation

how to deal with frustrating customers

Any company has frustrated customers. However, with Digital Transformation you can work with these customers and not against them. Find out how!

There is no business out there that has no frustrated customers. No stock availability, incorrect address of delivery or issues with the order, there are many reasons why your customers might get frustrated with your business and, especially, with your Customer Service team. Today, we will help you to understand how you can work TOGETHER with your frustrated customers and not against them.

Especially when only 1 out of 26 customers will share their frustration with you, the other 25 will share about their bad experience, leave your company and tell you nothing. PWC also found out that 1 out of 3 of your loyal customers will leave you after one bad experience.

Understand Your Customers

We identified 2 main ways to understand your frustrated customers with Digital Transformation:

  1. Surprise Your Customers With Data
  2. Understand Your Customer’s Behaviour

1. Surprise Your Customers With Data

Customer experience is predictable in 2022. Your consumers are already aware of discounts during the holiday season, and they know you will send them newsletters to remind them about yourself. However, statistics show that if you make it possible to surprise your customers, you can boost their experience up to 58%.

Do you remember that one show you watched on Netflix that their AI system suggested to you, and it was so good you sent it to all your friends?

Well, you can implement it now into your customer experience as well!

Let us give you an example.

One of our customers delivers orders daily. They have a tenth of tracks and hundreds of drivers. At one point, it was impossible to keep up with all this information, so the company would lose orders or customers could receive them late.

We decided to improve their delivery experience with Digital Transformation and suggested one of the Order Management features – Delivery Update.

The feature integrates with the existing software their drivers use and connects them to the Customer Service team. Now, their team receives the latest information on where exactly is the product and how soon the driver will reach the destination. You can find the dashboard below.

After a few weeks of the project, we found out that all company’s customers who would call frustrated or impatient with the delivery left the call surprised as they received a clear statement on where exactly their order was and how many stops the driver was from the customer. Now the company updates their customers during a delivery day, so they receive the latest information on their orders.

2. Understand Your Customer’s Behaviour

Another aspect of our Order Management platform that can help you to understand your frustrating customers better is Predictive Analytics.

The Predictive Analytics feature allows you to understand customers’ behaviour and identify if they are planning to leave your company.

Let’s see how exactly it works.

Order Management solution collects all the data connected to your customers, meaning any changes in their behaviour will be captured.

For example, your customer buys 20 boxes of your product every first Tuesday of the month. However, at one point, they ordered 10 boxes instead. Will you or your customer service team notice the change? Probably no.

However, the Order Management platform will flag the change in your customer’s behaviour and notify your team so they can call the customer and clarify the sudden change. This automation allows you to be closer to your customers to provide business attention and prevent them from leaving your company.

Therefore, you should cherish your frustrating customers to understand their issues and how you can solve them.

Sounds good? Arrange a free discovery call with us, and we can see if these features can help you to understand your customers better.

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