Two teams from Allsop have decided to complete the Belfast City Marathon team relay on Sunday the 3rd of October. We will be raising money for the Northern Ireland Hospice and you can donate online here.

The teams and runners are as follows:

Team 1 

Leg 1 (4.4 miles): Ian Topping

Leg 2 (6.9 miles): Richard Campbell 

Leg 3 (4 miles): Tamlyn Stinson 

Leg 4 (5.6 miles): Jake Carville 

Leg 5 (5.3 miles): Zakk Massey 

Team 2 

Leg 1 (4.4 miles): Trevor Allsop

Leg 2 (6.9 miles): Ludovic Le Berre 

Leg 3 (4 miles): Claire Carson 

Leg 4 (5.6 miles): Sean Haughey 

Leg 5 (5.3 miles): Cian O’Gradaigh 

We are delighted to be raising money for Northern Ireland Hospice.

Northern Ireland Hospice is a local charity offering specialist respite, symptom management and end of life ‘palliative’ care to over 4,000 infants, children and adults each year across Northern Ireland.

We would really appreciate any donations so that we can smash our fundraising goal.

You can donate online to us here

Thanks in advance! Let the training commence!

Image Credit: Belfast City Marathon Facebook

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