We are delighted to have recently welcomed Laura to the Allsop team in the role of Front End Developer.

As a newbie we got her to answer a few questions, to find out a bit more about her:

What is your role at Allsop?

I am a Front End Engineer here at Allsop, working with Angular/JS and Typescript.

What made you pursue your chosen career?

My grandfather was my main inspiration behind choosing Software Engineering. He loved everything to do with computers, and because he was nearly blind he always found unique ways to work with them. This then inspired me further to become a Front End Engineer, I love improving what people interact with, working with what a client will see and help them fulfil tasks. 

What are your first impressions of working at Allsop?

An extremely passionate team. Every day I love working with people who love what they do, are driven and passionate about our projects. I have learned so much already, and I always feel part of a greater team.  

How did you find joining Allsop whilst the team is working remotely? 

It was so smooth and stress-free! As I am quite an outgoing person I was so worried that not meeting my colleagues in person would create some barriers. This was not the case at all. Everyone was so welcoming, each person reaching out to get chatting. Onboarding onto projects was also extremely straightforward because of the brilliant support that Allsop provided from the beginning.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? And why? 

The ability to manipulate time, rewind, pause and fast forward. There are so many memories that I would love to go back and relive, so many people who I would love to go and see one last time. Also, pausing time so I could sleep as much as I needed without losing time to get things done, I wouldn’t have to drink as much coffee!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I love nature and the outdoors. Gardening is one of my favourite hobbies (even though my garden is all concrete). Also knitting, cross-stitching and painting.

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