This week we are excited to welcome Thomas to our growing development team. Thomas joins the team as our new Mobile Developer.

To find out a bit more about him, we got him to answer a few questions:

What is your role at Allsop?

I am a Mobile Cross-Platform Developer. I will be responsible for developing client solutions using cross-platform mobile technologies such as Xamarin, .NET and Azure.

What made you pursue a career in software development?

I have always had a fascination of how things work. It started as a kid with toys and bikes etc. I would always take them apart, try to figure them out and then put them back together. As I got older and mobiles and laptops became a part of life, I found myself doing the same thing except this time the curiosity was more than physical. I wanted to know how the software worked. I decided to take a basic software development course part-time and from then I went on to study a Foundation Degree in Software Engineering, BSc in Computing Systems and worked as a Mobile Developer and Team Lead for Belfast Metropolitan College.

What are your first impressions of working at Allsop?

The office here at Allsop has a very ‘chill’ atmosphere which I like as I am not one for stressing or being in stressful environments. I can already tell that everyone here is very professional and down to earth. I am excited to learn and develop myself here at Allsop, utilising the talent and vast experience of each and every one of the team. They have all made me feel welcome and at home from the minute I stepped through the door.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I enjoy being active, I am an avid gym goer… but at the same time, I enjoy relaxing and watching a lot of TV! So, I tend to find a balance between the two. I am also a big foodie, eating is one of my favourite things to do. I also enjoy travelling and experiencing new cultures.. and new foods 🙂

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