Michael joined Allsop last October as a placement student from Belfast Met, working on a part-time basis. After finishing up his official placement Michael has joined the team on a full-time basis in the role of Mobile Project Manager.

We asked Michael a few questions to find out what it is like being a placement student here at Allsop.

What does a typical day look like?

My day usually consists of writing/developing software and managing customers on our mobile workforce management platform (as well as drinking copious amounts of tea). With the variety of sectors that our clients work in, it’s easy to keep things fresh and exciting.

Why did you choose Allsop for your placement?

Just before the start of the second year of my Foundation Degree in Belfast Met, Stephen had come to the college and explained that the company was looking for a placement student that could ultimately become a full-time employee. My initial plan going into that year had been to stay in full-time study after completing the course, but after hearing about the company first hand, I was quick to change my mind! I applied that same day and began working here part-time 4 months before my placement even started!

What were your first impressions of working at Allsop?

My first impressions were that of surprise – mostly from just how easy it was to get on with everyone else in the office. Another initial thought was that, even though I had started working here part-time, I still felt that I had an active and valued input into the development process.

What has been your biggest success at Allsop?

I’d say my biggest success at Allsop would be the amount of growth as a developer I have been able to do here. I was able to come here without any experience (other than being in a classroom) and, within a few months, have the ability to work comfortably with numerous different technologies such as NFC tags and Bluetooth printing. All of this while still being able to develop my overall skills as a developer is something I would consider to be a great success.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I’m into music in a big way so I enjoy playing musical instruments and gigging on the odd occasion. I also really like learning languages when I get the chance (hablo español + eu falo português um pouquinho também).*

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