Improve Customer Service With Order Parsing

improve customer satisfaction with automation

Customer satisfaction is important to businesses. However, if your Customer Service team is busy finishing manual tasks, Order Parsing is here to help you!

With the growing competition in any market, the main goal of any company is to keep their customers satisfied not only with products but customer service. However, if your Customer Care team is occupied with manually keying orders for the full week, they have no time to check on your customers. At Allsop, we have a solution for you!

Our clients work in different industries but have one thing in common – they strive for 100% service levels and order accuracy. Although it sounds appealing for any business, their Customer Service teams are exhausted. Why? Before our automation projects with them, their customer support teams would manually key all incoming orders into their systems and spend full week processing orders. Not only would it take time to fill orders, but also it would take many people to double-check the correctness of the final PDF files. 

As the order approval without automation is a lengthy process, it would often happen that some items from the customers’ orders are no longer available or could not be delivered to a desirable destination. Therefore, their customer service teams would come back to their clients and deliver unpleasant news, which led to a bad customer experience and reputation.

Another issue with manual keying is that all information about different products, accounts and clients is stored in archives or numerous files. Why is it bad? It usually leads to some information being unavailable to others or some data being lost in the process.

At Allsop, we decided to implement an Order Automation solution with an Order Parsing feature. The main idea behind these projects is that the customer service teams, after receiving an order email from one of the clients, can forward it over to the Allsop platform instead of manually keying the data.

However, let’s take a closer look at Order Parsing.

What is order parsing?

Order Parsing is a process that helps to automate orders that are coming in via email, calls or your website. With the Allsop dashboard, you can implement bespoke settings for your business with the logic of your company.

How does it work?

In a nutshell, Order Parsing helps to bring all information from the customer service team’s large archives into the automated dashboard. The programme will automatically check the order and identify products that could or could not be delivered, the estimated date of the delivery and flag any issues that the order might have.

Therefore, it leads the customer service team to deal only with these exceptions and issues the programme identifies, giving them time to work on more valuable tasks.

If there are no issues, Order Parsing creates CSV (Comma Separated Values) file, which then is used by your ERP System to upload the order without any manual work.

Sounds good? Chat with us to learn more about Order Parsing and how it can improve the work of your Customer Service team.

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