Improve Customer Satisfaction by Introducing Automation

improve customer rate with automation

Quite rarely companies automate their Customer Service Team. It's a big miss! Find out how you can improve customer satisfaction rates with automation.

Digital Transformation is a hot topic in 2022. However, many businesses are still fighting the actual need for it. Some believe they are better off without it, and others consume too much automation, so their IT team is exhausted. Where is the middle ground?

In your goals.

Before automating work processes or improving workflows because your competitors are doing so, analyse your perfect outcome. What do you want to achieve with automation, and how this will improve the working life of your team.

In this article, we want to cover automation in the Customer Service team and how it affects your customers.

However, before we go further, what is Digital Transformation?

We see Digital Transformation as the process of using digital technologies to create new or modify existing, business processes, culture and customer experiences, to meet changing business and market requirements.

It is a “reimagining of business in the digital age”.

Put simply, it is about looking at what we want to do or are currently doing and seeking to improve that experience using digital technology.

And this is also the why – “seeking to improve”.

We should not do Digital Transformation just because we think we need to appear modern or because someone else is doing it, and we need to stay competitive. These can be valid reasons, but the primary goal of any Digital Transformation project should be to improve – whether that be our processes, our people, our customers, or our planet.

Let’s check these examples that are commonplace for most people nowadays:

eCommerce – allowing buyers to browse and shop items any time, from anywhere
Online banking – from day-to-day banking to applying for loans and mortgages, all without stepping foot in a branch
Streaming services – be it music, TV shows or movies – are all instant and available for rental or purchase

These industries have all been disrupted by Digital Transformation. However, they always provide clear improvements for customers allowing them to get what they need from the comfort of their homes. Usually by giving more choice or lower-cost offerings than traditional methods.

It is important to highlight that many organisations have tried to pivot their processes to follow these trends and have failed. The global management consulting firm BCG found that 70% of all Digital Transformations either fail or don’t manage to reach all of their intended goals.

Now, why do you need to consider automating processes in your Customer Service team?

From our research, we found out that 74% of companies in the Food Industry don’t have any automation in the Customer Service department. However, they do have these next issues:

  1. Lost order emails
  2. Not enough time to fill out the order form
  3. Lack of stock and delivery information

Another issue we find with companies that don’t have any digitalisation in place is their management approach. Does it sound familiar?

“We don’t need automation, my 20 people-team work on the orders daily, and our customers receive their products on time.”

When in reality, the Customer Service team has no time to communicate with customers to have an opportunity to improve rates. So, how can you improve Customer Satisfaction and showcase to your management all the positive aspects of Digital Transformation?

Have All Your Orders in One Place

You can forget about lost order emails. With Order Automation software, your Customer Service team will have all information regarding orders in one place. Furthermore, all emails are automatically registered into a dashboard, allowing your team to cover more valuable tasks.

The solution is a perfect match for remote teams as it collects all the required information on orders hence they can work independently even when some members are off or on a holiday.

Free Up Your Customer Service Team

It takes A LOT OF work for your team to process all the orders manually, especially when order forms contain 50 to 100 lines. Our research says that on average, it takes all day to manually input all the required information! However, if your orders are collected automatically, your team has more time to cover other tasks and provide high-level service to the customers.

Deliver Orders on Time

How many times did it happen that your marketing message says, “We deliver the next day if you order by 13:00”, but in reality, it never worked? We know at least a few examples! As well as we know the exact reason behind it.

The order email was open too late.

With automation, you can forget about this issue. How does it work?

In a nutshell, automation helps to bring all information from the customer service team’s archives into the automated dashboard. Therefore, as soon as you receive an order, the programme will automatically check it and identify products that could or could not be delivered, the estimated date of the delivery and flag any issues that the order might have.

Therefore, it leads the customer service team to deal only with these exceptions and issues the programme identifies, giving them time to work on more valuable tasks.

If there are no issues, automation software creates CSV (Comma Separated Values) file, which then is used by your ERP System to upload the order without any manual work.

So, it’s time to forget about negative customer feedback and drive sales by providing high service!

In a conclusion

If you have one or all of these issues we mentioned today, you might consider Digital Transformation for your business. Simply because it is as much about your company and your people as it is about your customers.

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