The past few years have completely changed our workplace, which led to HR rethinking many processes in a business.

In 2022 vast majority of companies are considering a come back to the pre-covid norms. However, many studies show that it is impossible to return to what we had before. We must adapt to the new reality.

So let’s take a look at the top five trends in HR that will lead us to a change at the workplace this year:

  1. Hybrid Work Is Ideal For Many Workers
  2. Employee Well-being Is Crucial For HR Department
  3. Skills Hiring Is Vital For Workforce Transformation
  4. Up-Skilling HR Is Essential For Business
  5. Automation of Manual HR Processes Is On The Rise
1. Hybrid Work Is Ideal For Many Workers

One of the hottest trends of 2022 is Hybrid working. Accenture’s survey finds that 83% of workers prefer a hybrid work model and that 63% of high-growth companies have already adopted a “productivity anywhere” workforce model.  

Therefore, many companies will consider the next models for workers this year:

  • Full remote work where employers allow teams to work from the comfort of their home
  • Hybrid work with several days a month in the office 
  • Return to the office on the full-time basis

This shift in work culture will drive transformation in 2022, and the HR Department is the leader to support employees in it.

2. Employee Well-being Is Crucial For HR Department

Having various workplace models at work this year, HR professionals have to be ready to prioritise employees well-being. 

For example, Gartner identified ‘workforce health’ term that includes the health of employees, the state of trust between individuals, teams and leadership, and the work environment. 

This approach will help to improve workforce performance and lead the business to a new level of success.

3. Skills Hiring Is Vital For Business Transformation

The market of skilled workers is evolving year after year. What was the ideal skillset five years ago is not applicable anymore. For example, the total number of skills required for a single job is increasing at 6.3% annually, which leads to a need for hiring process transformation.

4. Up-Skilling HR Is Essential For Business

The mentioned business transformation is vital for companies. However, it also means that the HR department must be up-skilled to the required level. Therefore, to have a great workplace in 2022, businesses should consider budgeting for employees training.

5. Automation of Manual HR Processes Is On The Rise

Last but not least is the automation of HR processes. Many specialists in the field spend double of time manually collecting all information from candidates as they don’t have any tools that could help them. Thus, at Allsop, we have HR Automation Software that collects all information from the candidates automatically. Apart from it, the programme also includes a voice process you can see below.

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