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Augmented Reality (AR) Video Demo 

The short video shows how Augmented Reality can be used to create accurate visualisations of how shutters could look in your customer’s home or business. 

Why you need an AR App 

According to the Retails Perception Report: 

of shoppers want to use Augmented Reality to see product differences such as a change in colour or style

of shoppers want to use Augmented Reality to learn about additional product information and specifications

of shoppers would be willing to pay more for a product if they could experience it through Augmented Reality

Benefits Using of an AR App 

Improved Customer Experience

Provide an immersive and engaging experience for your customers

Gain a Competitive Advantage

By using the latest technology available, you can gain an edge over your competitors

Increased Sales

Instant and improved visualisations make for a powerful selling tool for your sales reps

Streamlining Business Operations across the UK and Ireland 

Allsop is based in Belfast and we have over 19 years experience of delivering intelligent software solutions to a range of customers across Ireland and the UK. During this time, we have experienced first-hand the shift to data-driven businesses where access to real-time, relevant and reliable data can be the making or breaking of a company. 

We take a collaborative approach with our clients, to understand your business from the ground up. This enables us to build on your existing assets to minimise the process of change whilst maximising its impact.

Our applications are fully flexible. Your solution will be designed and implemented to enable you to overcome the specific challenges you face with managing your pricing strategies and mobile sales team.