Meet the Team

Get to know the diverse range of people who make up Team Allsop

Richard Campbell, Managing Director

Trevor Allsop, Chairman

Ian Topping, Commercial Director

Angela Allsop, Office Administrator

Paul Simpson, Product Manager

Georgina Whiteside, Online Services and Support Co-Ordinator

Stephen McIlhatton, Product Implementation Manager

Emma Galbraith, Chief Happiness Officer

Claire Carson, Marketing Manager

Brenda Arbuckle, Receptionist

Michael Sage, Talent and Development Officer

Jake Carville, BI Developer

Kevin Robinson, Software Developer

Ewan Stinson, Junior Support Developer

Barry Lunny, Account Manager

Lalita Ossawy, Software Developer

Conor King, Software Developer

Tamlyn Stinson, National Sales Manager

Richard Campbell Managing Director

Trevor Allsop Chairman

Ian Topping Commercial Director

Angela Allsop Office Administrator

Paul Simpson Product Manager

Georgina Whiteside Online Services and Support Co-Ordinator

Stephen McIlhatton Product Implementation Manager

Emma Galbraith Office Manager

Brenda Arbuckle Receptionist

Claire Carson Marketing Manager

Michael Sage Talent and Development Officer

Jake Carville BI Developer

Kevin Robinson Software Developer

Ewan Stinson Junior Support Developer

Barry Lunny Account Manager

Lalita Ossawy Software Developer

Conor King Software Developer

Tamlyn Stinson National Sales Manager

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